Licensed in Massage in Oregon and Washington, Certified Medical massage practitioner, Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist Training at East West College of Healing Arts- Portland OR
Emily Ruth's Massage
Therapeutic Massage



  Welcome to Therapeutic Massage By Emily!

         I am very excited about the work I do and am excited to share it with you. I believe the way to a healthier self is with routine care.  It's about taking care of your body and having a preventative care outlook in order to sustain desirable living. Massage is amazing for promoting this type of health. Not only does it reduce stress, which is a leading cause in illnesses, but it prevents injury, helps restore movement, reduces pain significantly, decreases knots and adhesions, reduces tightness and stiffness, improves sleep, reduces feelings of depression, brings better awareness of body, increases serotonin and dopamine which increase happiness, produces oxytocin which blocks production of cortisol greatly reducing stress, and overall improves quality of life.  My style of massage is very effective bringing deep tissue pressure together with Swedish flow. It will no doubt hurt so good as your muscles melt and your mind transcends to the most relaxing realms. I believe my style of massage is effective for all ailments and the incorporation of full body really brings the complete feeling of wellness. 

My goal is to effectively treat and restore your body to health.

So come take the massage challenge and see the improvements it will have on your life!